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Charmin Ultra Soft: The Best Toilet Paper Out There?

charmin ultra soft

Charmin Ultra Soft is a popular toilet paper brand that many people use. It is soft, strong, and absorbent, making it a good choice for those who want a quality product. However, some people have found that it does not last as long as other brands, and it can be more expensive.

Charmin Ultra Soft is a new product on the market

Charmin Ultra Soft is a new product on the market that is said to be two times more absorbent than the leading ordinary brand. Some people are raving about this new product, while others say it isn’t any better than what they’ve been using. I’ve never been a huge fan of toilet paper, so I decided to try out this new Charmin Ultra Soft for myself and see what all the fuss was about.

After using it for a week, I can say that I definitely notice a difference. The paper is softer, more absorbent, and overall just nicer to use. I will say that it is a bit more expensive than the leading brand, but in my opinion, it’s worth the extra cost. If you’re looking for a nice upgrade from your regular toilet paper, I would recommend trying Charmin Ultra Soft.

First impressions: how does it look and feel?

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of freshly cleaned skin, and Charmin Ultra Soft is here to provide just that. This product claims to be “2x more absorbent” than the leading bath tissue, and after trying it out for myself, I can say that it definitely lives up to its claim. Not only does it cleanse your skin thoroughly, but it also leaves behind a pleasant scent that lingers long after you’ve towel-dried off.

How well does it clean?

Charmin Ultra Soft is one of the newer products on the market. It is a little more expensive than some of the other options out there, but does it really clean any better? We put it to the test to see how well it cleans.

We first tested it on some light stains. Overall, it did a decent job at removing them. There were a few areas that required a bit more scrubbing than others, but nothing too difficult.

Next, we moved on to tougher stains. This is where Charmin Ultra Soft really shone. It removed most of the stains easily, and with only a little bit of scrubbing for the tougher ones.

Finally, we tested it on some set-in stains. These are usually the toughest to remove, but Charmin Ultra Soft had no problem getting them out.

Is it worth the price?

Charmin Ultra Soft is one of the most popular toilet papers on the market. It is known for its softness and strength. But is it worth the price?

Toilet paper is a necessity in every household, so you want to make sure you get a good quality product. Charmin Ultra Soft is one of the more expensive brands, but it is definitely worth the price. The toilet paper is extremely strong and doesn’t tear easily. It’s also very soft, so it’s gentle on your skin.

If you’re looking for a high-quality toilet paper that will last a long time, Charmin Ultra Soft is definitely worth the investment.


When it comes to toilet paper, there are a lot of options on the market. But which one is the best? After trying out Charmin Ultra Soft, we can say with confidence that it’s one of the best products out there. It’s soft, strong, and doesn’t leave any residue behind.

If you’re looking for a quality toilet paper that will get the job done without breaking the bank, Charmin Ultra Soft is a great option.

Charmin Ultra Soft: The Best Toilet Paper Out There?
Worth it
When it comes to your bum, Charmin's Ultra Soft is one of the premier toilet papers you can find at most general stores. While it's pricier than most, you can put a price on comfort!
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Charmin's Ultra Soft variety is supremely soft, yet a little too pricey for many.
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