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Do They Use Toilet Paper in Argentina?

Argentina is a land of culture and natural beauty. From the capital city of Buenos Aires to the smaller villages, there is much to see and do…and yes, they do use toilet paper. In fact, they use it just like we do in the United States…meaning they use a lot of it!

What types of toilets are common in Argentina?

In most of Argentina, Western-style flush toilets are standard. However, in more rural areas, outhouses are still common and you may also come across “dry” toilets from time to time, which don’t use water to flush waste away. Instead, dry toilets rely on other means of disposal, such as Anaerobic digestion or composting.

What about Travelers? How should tourists deal with it?

If you’re a tourist in Argentina, there is nothing to deal with. Argentina is one of the most toilet paper-friendly countries in the entire world, with almost universal usage.


Argentina is a beautiful country that offers stunning scenery, delicious food… and uses flush toilets with toilet paper, almost universally. While you may encounter some squat or “dry” toilets (and even some bidets), those are mostly in isolated regions.

While there may be a few minor differences between how Argentines and Americans use the bathroom, for the most part, it’s exactly the same…so have no fear if you are planning a trip to this beautiful nation! You will feel right at home when using a bathroom in Argentina!



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