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Do They Use Toilet Paper In France?

The answer is yes, the French do use toilet paper. In fact, they are one of the largest consumers of toilet paper in Europe. However, they don’t use as much as Americans do. The average American uses about 57 sheets of toilet paper per day, while the average Frenchman uses only about 40 sheets.

What types of toilets are common in France?

In France, you won’t find the typical porcelain toilets that you’re used to seeing in the United States. Instead, most French homes have what’s called a “bidet toilet”. It’s basically a toilet with a built-in bidet. To use it, you simply turn on the bidet after “doing your business” and wash yourself with the water from the faucet. No toilet paper needed…but no one could blame you if you wanted to get just a little wipe in there!

What about Travelers? How should tourists deal with it?

Luckily, France is a country that should have at least some toilet paper available in almost every bathroom (and there will definitely be a bidet, worst case).


It can be said that there are many differences between French and American bathrooms (we could definitely use more bidets in the US). One similarity though is that both cultures use toilet paper. So if you’re ever in France and find yourself in need of some TP…don’t worry. It will be there right beside you. French bathroom culture has you covered!




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