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Toilet paper over or under: the great divide

over under toilet paper

There is no correct answer to the question of whether toilet paper should be over or under. It is a matter of personal preference. Some people find that having the toilet paper under provides easier access. Others find that having it over prevents it from getting wet and soggy. There is no right or wrong answer, so choose whichever option you prefer.

Should toilet paper go over or under?

There’s a great divide in the world. Some people prefer to put their toilet paper on the roll so that the paper comes over the top when they pull on it. Others prefer to put the toilet paper on the roll so that the paper comes under the top when they pull on it. This may seem like a trivial matter, but it can cause heated arguments among family and friends. So which is the correct way? Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear answer. It seems that people’s preferences are largely influenced by where they grew up or what they were taught.

The case for over:

When it comes to toilet paper, there are two schools of thought: over or under. But which is correct?

Those who advocate for the over method argue that it is more efficient. When the toilet paper roll is placed over the top of the roll, you can simply grab a sheet and go. No need to fiddle with the roll or try to put it back in place after you’re finished.

Under proponents say that their method is more sanitary. When the toilet paper roll is on the holder, there’s no way for it to collect dust or other debris. Plus, it’s less likely to be knocked over by accident and end up on the floor where who knows what could be lurking.

The case for under:

The great toilet paper debate has been raging for years, with no end in sight. The over- versus under- argument is one of the most polarizing topics of our time, dividing families and friendships. But there is one group of people who are united in their love of under: those with cats.

For cat lovers, there is no debate: under is the only way to go. When toilet paper is hung over the roll, it’s only a matter of time before a curious kitty decides to take a walk on it, leaving behind a trail of paw prints. And if you have an affectionate cat who likes to rub against your legs when you’re using the bathroom, you know that an overhanging roll of toilet paper is just asking to be knocked down and shredded.

The case for in the middle:

Here’s the case for in the middle: it’s more efficient. When you roll toilet paper from the middle, you use less per roll because you aren’t wasting as much. It’s also more sanitary because you’re not touching the part that actually touches your skin.

So next time you’re faced with an empty roll of toilet paper, don’t panic. Just reach for the middle.

Conclusion: which is the best way?

When it comes to the great toilet paper debate, there are passionate proponents on both sides. Some say that hanging the roll over the top of the holder keeps it cleaner and more protected from errant splashes. They also argue that over is more aesthetically pleasing. Those in the under camp say that their method is more efficient because you can see how much toilet paper is left and don’t have to waste time taking off the empty roll to put on a new one. They also contend that under provides a steadier grip for tearing off sheets.

So, which is the best way? The answer may depend on your priorities. If you’re concerned about cleanliness or aesthetics, then over is probably the way to go. But if efficiency is your main concern, then under is probably better.

So which side are you on? Over or under?

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